Keynote & Workshop Testimonials

“We have hired Gerard Braud to present on Crisis Management, Public Relations and Social Networking. Gerard always delivers an engaging and professional presentation to our members.”
Everett Shupe, MBA, CAE, CMP
Learning Events Manager, Goodwill Industries International
“I attended one of Gerard’s marketing workshops. His energetic and creative approach to marketing inspired me to incorporate his suggestions into my work. Gerard is a compelling storyteller. He can create a powerful, succinct message that tugs at the heart and calls for action. I continue to reference notes and ideas gained from his workshop – they are a valuable resource!”
Jill Ackerman 
Director of Development and Communications, Annunciation Monastery
“Gerard is a media and communications expert. I have hired him several times as a consultant to do media work. He has also spoken at several sessions at the national Keep America Beautiful conference, where he received a tremendous amount of praise for his workshops. He is articulate, creative, knowledgeable and very personable. He involves the audience as participants in the workshop. I would highly recommend his services.”
Keep America Beautiful,
Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
“Gerard is one of the most gifted communicators and instructors I have come across. He is able to distill complex communication issues into simple easy-to-digest bites that even Sr. Management can understand. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.”
Otis Mills
Media Relations Manager,
U.S. Department of Energy
“I’ve known Gerard for a long time, and I am impressed by his creativity, drive, and his ability to communicate with passion. I’ve attended his presentations and workshops and can attest to the fact that they are first-rate.”
Edward Lundquist, ABC 
Senior Science Advisor, Alion Science and Technology

Crisis Communications Testimonials

“Gerard is the consummate crisis communications expert! He trained many of Best Buy’s executives over the years – as well as provided wonderful speaking techniques for large group presentations. He is a favored & requested crisis communications trainer by many. He worked hard to fit in training sessions for officers with busy schedules. He even went the extra mile to plan sessions in between travel he had for other businesses to be helpful & cost effective to all. He is timely & provides expert counsel. He especially has great ideas on how to handle the out of the ordinary events that happen within big businesses. He keeps our best interests top of mind! I keep his card near the top of my Rolodex.”
Susan Hoff
Senior Vice President & Communications OfficerBest Buy
“Gerard offers clients a practical, no-nonsense approach to strategic communication and message development and delivers it in a memorable, entertaining way. Under Gerard’s guidance, we learned to talk more clearly and effectively so we could tell our story in a compelling way. Gerard also developed a comprehensive crisis communications plan that actually works.
Christine Nyirjesy Bragale
Director of Media Relations, Goodwill Industries International
“Gerard knows his field inside and out and helps the client from A-Z in terms of crisis communications training in the span of a day. We packed an enormous amount of work ~ with a focus on results ~ into our training. Strongly recommended.”
Anne Swire
Director of Development and Public Relations
National Institutes of Health, The Children’s Inn
“Gerard provided practical instruction delivered in a dynamic, yet down to earth way. He helped us take what was an overwhelming task, break it down into manageable chunks and deliver a plan that could be implemented at a moment’s notice.”
Patricia Cameron, ABC
Vice President of Corporate Communications, CenturyTel
“When I think of crisis communications, I instantly think of Gerard. He knows and understands effective crisis communications not only because he is an experienced business communicator but because he has lived it. Gerard’s personal experiences plus his deep media expertise make him THE go-to guy for crisis communications.” January 11, 2009
Paul Ladd 
Lead Reporter and Director of Listener Response,
World Christian Broadcasting

Media Training Testimonials

“Gerard is a masterful trainer whose instincts on messaging are dead on! You will be entertained and educated by someone who knows communications inside and out.”
Patti Giglio
Media Consultant
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
“Gerard provided our officers and board with excellent media training that lives on to this day. He not only covered in great depth, the concept and practice of concise messaging and body language, but he took that additional step to provide real life scenarios our media spokespeople might encounter in our industry. His expertise shows in all of our media clippings. Our spokespeople have been on message and have used the techniques Gerard taught them. We couldn’t have asked for a better media trainer. Thank you Gerard!”
Gwen Biasi, CAE
Director of Marketing & Communications
National Association of the Remodeling Industry
“We all learn from different people in different ways. I have learned a lot in a number of different ways from Gerard. I have had the privilege of attending his advanced media training session and he also spent time in house to provide crisis communications training for our staff. Gerard is not only knowledgeable about communications, but more importantly, he’s passionate about this trade. He provides real-world examples and challenges you every step of the way. Through our business relationship, Gerard has become a mentor and a friend.”
Mark Hanson
Senior Public Relations Representative
MDU Resources Group
“If your company has a PR crisis on its hands, Gerard Braud is your man. If you THINK you may be heading toward a public relations debacle, don’t wait. Gerard can train your spokespeople to manage communications to avert huge problems, or if you don’t have time for training, he can manage the communications for you. He’s truly a master at what he does.”
Darcy Truppo
Vice PresidentPapillon Properties, LLC