Employee & Director Ambassador Training

Ambassador Training

How Well Can Your Employees & Directors Simplify Complex Issues When Confronted by a Member?

Tough questions get asked in the grocery store, at a church social, and even at the corner bar. . .

Members tend to ask more negative questions than positive questions. When they see a director they know or an employee wearing your logo on their cap or clothing, members feel compelled to take the opportunity to ask questions about tough issues. Members may ask why their bill is high or why their capital credits check wasn’t larger.

It isn’t easy trying to speak in positive tones to someone with a negative voice. However, we can teach your employees and directors the secret to success so they become ambassadors for your electric cooperative in every conversation.

Crisis communications expert Gerard Braud (Jared Bro) is able to share that secret with you so you can communicate effectively every time you are required to do so.

In this program you will learn:

  • The secrets to giving positive answers to negative questions
  • Tips and tricks for winning over those who are hard to persuade
  • Methods to help all employees speak with one voice as brand ambassadors
  • Understanding the role your directors should and should not play as spokespeople

Available as a one-hour keynote speech, as a 75-minute breakout session, or as a two-hour training program at your cooperative.

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